The Play area

Where would you like to play ?

The Mill House Salon

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Been wanting to try out that new hairstyle?

The Mill House Salon is the best place to play for those children who would love to be a future hairdresser or beautician - the sky is the limit on creativity here!

Set up like a real salon, your child is free to wear a role play outfit, grab those clips and bows and create their own masterpiece on one of our hairdressers mannequins. Or perhaps they would prefer to try out one of the latest beauty techniques at our beautician station and nail bar...who knows where their imaginations could take them.

The salon is always fully booked and the phone never stops ringing. Your child may prefer to answer the phone, take down those bookings and record them on the salon computer. There is always lots to do! Make sure you keep the customers happy, don't forget to offer them a cup of coffee and a biscuit!

The salon is always looking for someone to serve a quality cuppa from its very own coffee machine, giving time for our parents to enjoy their own.

The Mill House Fire Station

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999 - there is a fire in the village!

Do we have any heroes in the village today? As the emergency calls come into the village fire station, we need the very bravest of our children to step up to keep the other villagers safe.

One of the most important jobs of the day, we need our little people to put on those fire suits and helmets, grab their firefighting equipment and race away to save the day in our very own Play Cafe fire engine.

These brave boys and girls are the front line of our emergency services and must be able to react quickly when that call comes in. We also need organised children to act as our Fire Station Manager; taking those emergency calls, ensuring all the information is correct, and using our map of Sheffield to locate the fire. They must work quickly to send out the team, ensuring all those fires are put out as quickly as possible.

Team work and co-operation are the key to success in any emergency situation - our fire and rescue teams are always ready for action!

The Emergency room

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Is there a Doctor/Dentist/Vet in the house?

Our busy emergency room just keeps on changing. One week, we have a bustling doctors surgery, mending those broken bones; next week it becomes a dentist where it's time to open up and say ahhhh! Of course our furry friends also need help in the village sometimes, and as if by magic, our Emergency Room becomes a busy vets.

Whoever they are providing care for, our children love to spend time in the emergency room, whether it's using the x-ray machine or bandaging up that sprain. Children who love to care for others will be in their element, immersing themselves in role play where one week they are playing doctors and nurses and on their next visit, they are checking on a furry friend on the examination bed.

And the phone at the Emergency Room is always ringing with lots of appointments to be made. Could your child be the one to make sure all the patients details are loaded onto the computer?

We always need children to lend a helping hand, whilst they get to show the caring side of their nature, making sure everyone in the Emergency Room is nursed back to full health.

The Mill House Grocery Store

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Why not come and play in the grocery store? The Mill House Grocery store is located right in between the Beauty Salon and the Emergency room.

For the children that want to serve behind the shop counter and play shopkeeper, open up the store for all the customers, stack the shelves with lots of fruit and vegetables or fill the trollies and pay at the counter, this grocery store is the perfect place for the children to learn, play and use their imaginations.

The grocery store has lots of items for children to touch, move and count. The chalk board signs allow children to use their imagination and make a menu or write some news.

Play on the shop till, take the customers pennies and learn to count or do the shopping and fill the shop baskets with lots of food & drink items.

The store also has its very own bakery section to play with. Why not bake a cake or some yummy bread rolls?

Dont forget to wear your aprons though  !

The Construction site

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An area for children who love to create, build and repair.

There are always exciting building projects underway in The Mill House Play Cafe and the construction area is just the place for our budding architects, designers and builders.

We always need a dedicated bunch of children who can help us build the structures of tomorrow...could it be a futuristic skyscraper or a comfy house for all the family?

Complete with high visibility vests, hard hats and goggles, our children will be able to wear all the protective clothing required to operate the work tools and the realistic cement mixer.

With an array of play bricks and breeze blocks, the sky really is the limit for their imaginations in this creation play space.

The baby pinic area

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Baby play area with our littlest visitors in mind.

This area is a safe enclosed space, especially designed for our pre-walking visitors. Here we arrange an ever changing collection of simple play activities for babies and toddlers, for a fun exploration into the world around them.

All our activities are designed to be accessed by your little one, either independently or engage in the experience with you, sharing those special moments of discovery together.

Our specialist sensory and heuristic play activities draw on over 20 years of nursery and pre-school experience, using an abundance of natural items and specific early learning resources to promote curiosity and a natural desire to investigate and think.

Absolutely everything is something to explore and wonder at when experiencing it for the first time!